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Cultivate Relationships

This week’s show features good advice from Francie Cooper, Life Coach, who is also co-host of The Tapa Palapa internet radio show. I met her for lunch and to catch up a month and a half into the summer break … Continue reading

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Embrace Freedom

This week’s show includes a simulcast with Trailblazing TV. We just celebrated Independence Day, the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, so it’s a great opportunity for me to explain what I mean in my business when I say, “Celebrating … Continue reading

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Law of Intention

Research shows that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work – at least not all on its own. Listen to hear what you need to add in order to reach your goals. Click the triangle in the circle below to listen … Continue reading

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10 Minutes and 15 Seconds

Since Trailblazing is about taking on new challenges, you’re going to need to open up time in your schedule to explore and learn. What are the best ways to have more time, and how can you make the most of … Continue reading

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Tapping Energy

If your current work leaves you feeling drained, where can you find the energy you need to explore, design, and create your new custom-designed career or business? That’s the topic of today’s episode. Click the triangle in the circle below … Continue reading

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Your Moneymind

Money worries keep a lot of people stuck in work they don’t like, afraid to try a custom designed career or small business. You don’t have to let money kick you around. Change the way you think about money and … Continue reading

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