Cultivate Relationships

This week’s show features good advice from Francie Cooper, Life Coach, who is also co-host of The Tapa Palapa internet radio show. I met her for lunch and to catch up a month and a half into the summer break for Tapa Palapa and realized she was the ideal person to help me explore the importance of cultivating relationships during the self-employment journey.

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You can hear Francie briefly during the show when I meet up with her at a funky little diner. She had a few minutes for me to record her talking about her skills at cultivating relationships (I think she’s a master) so I videotaped her and included it in this week’s episode of Trailblazing TV.

Francie’s natural curiosity about people and her eagerness to meet new friends are a gift, but there are some tips we can take away from her approach. What ideas do you have for cultivating relationships? What works for you, and where do you struggle? Please add your comment below.

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This Week’s Sponsors:

The sponsors for this episode are Francie Cooper, Life Coach, and The Tarrant Area Food Bank.

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